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Peptides - The Pain-Free BOTOX

Have you heard all the talk about peptides and their incredible anti-aging effect? Peptide anti-aging serums are the biggest sensation to hit the anti-aging skincare market in years. So what is a peptide, and how does it work?

Peptides are the naturally occurring building blocks of the skin. A peptide is a small protein fragment that is joined by two or more amino acids. They can be derived naturally or lab simulated. Peptides act as the messengers between skin cells carrying important messages or commands to ensure proper repair or stimulation is happening. For example when collagen is degenerating or becoming damaged due to UVA or UVB damage, peptides stimulate its synthesis.

Peptides successfully combat wrinkles in several ways. First, peptides help the skin to create more collagen. Collagen is a naturally occurring protein in the skin. Collagen is key to producing skin that looks taught, tight, firm, and hydrated. During youth, your body naturally produces high levels of collagen. As the skin ages, collagen is destroyed and the body cannot keep up its production levels. This decrease in collagen leads directly to sagging features and wrinkles.

Peptides essentially trick you skin into producing higher levels of collagen. This way instead of losing much more collagen than your body can produce, the production levels increase to a higher rate much closer to what young skin would produce. The effects of this increased collagen are amazing, younger, tighter skin naturally. Even your under-eye puffy bags are reduced with peptide use. Peptides really can prevent aging skin from the inside out!

A second benefit of peptides is their tiny size. Peptides are so small that they can sneak past the skin's strong natural barriers and get deep into the lower skin layers. These deep layers of the skin are not reached by most skin care products. Peptides penetrate into skin and provide cues for collagen production, anti-oxidants, and stimulate the healing and regenerative process. Some ipamorelin also incorporate copper molecules and glycosaminoglycan synthesis production, both of which have incredible healing and reparative properties.

Another kind of peptides are neuropeptides and are more commonly referred to as the "pain-free Botox". These produce a botox-like effect without needles, high costs, or invasive-procedures. These neuropeptides work by blocking the transmission of signals from your nerves to your facial muscles, and relaxing your wrinkle-prone muscles. These peptides are revolutionizing the industry, and eliminating the need for harsh Botox neuro-toxins!

There are many kinds of peptides, and several have become hugely popular for their anti-aging properties. The best way to get the regenerative and transformative effects of peptide-therapy is by using a combination of peptides.

Try a serum that combines at least more than five peptides. Because different peptides have differing beneficial effects, the more peptide variety the stronger the serum. Also make sure to find a peptide anti-aging serum that is made purely from peptides. Many anti-aging serums sell products labeled as 'Peptide Serums' that are full of filler ingredients. These filler ingredients drive production costs down but have virtually no anti-aging effects! Shop smart and look good!

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